Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How To Store A Piano In Rexburg?

Piano Storage in Rexburg

A BYU-I student called asking about her baby grand piano and if it would be OK to put it in storage for the next year and a half. I reminded her that materials such as steel, woods, and plastic expand at different rates and the piano will literally rip itself apart from the extreme temperatures in Rexburg.

Keys fracture, sound boards split, pin blocks fracture, keys stick, flanges crack. The extra wear and tear is not worth it on your piano. Bottom line...find another option where it will be exposed to relatively constant room temperature and humidity. Let a friend or a dorm borrow it for a year or sell it but please, for the sake of your piano and the investment you have made in your piano, do not expose it to the extreme temperatures in a storage locker!


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