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Why My Piano Won't Hold A Tune?

Piano Not Holding A Tune?

"Why won't my piano hold a tune?" is a very common question. Let's explore a few answers concerning workmanship, age, strings, tuning pins, pinblock, weather, and skill of piano technician.

Tuning Pins and Pinblock

Steinway Pinblock Piano Tuning & Repair Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Blackfoot.
Steinway Pinblock
As pianos age, the tuning pins can bend, they expand and contract at a different rate than the pinblock and therefore can begin to lift up out of the pinblock. Pinblocks can lose the friction which holds the tuning pin in place. If you have a grand piano, tuning pins and pinblocks can be treated to increase friction. Upright pianos need to be tipped over on their back to be treated. If this does not work tuning pins can be replaced with ones which have a larger diameter. One other solution is to control the temperature and humidity with a Piano Life Saver System. However, if the pinblock is cracked, an expensive restoration of the pinblock is needed before your piano will hold a tune.

Weather and Humidity

Temperature and humidity is a large factor affecting the health of a piano. Since woods, steel, screws, glues, plastics, sound boards, frames, pinblocks, felt, leather, piano action, hammers, and tuning pins all expand and contract at different rates, your piano literally is ripping itself apart with temperature and humidity changes.  High humidity causes steel to rust. If you are in a high humidity area, you will need a dehumidifier inside your piano so the steel parts do not rust. There are products on the market that will keep your temperature and humidity stable. One such product is Piano Life Saver. They have never found a location who couldn't benefit from their product. To protect your investment and enjoy consistent pitch and tone between tunings...consider installing one of their products into your piano.

Age and Quality of Strings

Another factor is the age and quality of your strings. Not all strings are created equal. We prefer to use custom Steinway quality string when repairing or restoring a piano. Even with this quality of string, we have seen this new string 100% (or a full note) out of tune after 30 days. Can you imagine having a new piano with 240 new strings? Some companies like Steinway, tune their pianos every month for a year before releasing it off their manufacturing floor for sale. However, some manufacturers do not do this to their pianos and will need at least 4 tunings over a year to two years before a piano will hold its tune. If you are purchasing an acoustic piano, allow a piano servicing budget to keep your piano in top shape. 

Piano Technician 

Piano Technicians are all different. Unfortunately, some are so pressed for time, they compromise on the quality of their work. For example, a piano will fall out of tune faster if it is tuned flat to sharp and not sharp to flat. Tuning a piano goes faster tuning flat to sharp...the "in tune" spot is easier to find flat to sharp. However, the tension between the bridge and tuning pin needs to be in balance with the rest of the string or the string will quickly go out of tune. Find a quality piano technician you like and keep them.

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